77 Years Zine (Digital Edition)

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77 Years Zine (Digital Edition)

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Doomsday 1945 by Adeline R Grey
Dial M for Master by Devon James
Operation Rose by EternalUniverse
The Master’s Afternoon Off by Em (fluffysfics)
Fear Frequency by Natalia Fox
Old Friends, New Places by Aoi
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Time Lord by Nyn
What’s the Worst That Could Happen? By Zak Hallett
Last Scene at a Strange Eventful Tale by Ana M
The Longest Night by Katherine Wheeler

40s Amber S., PhD
50s Tania Thai
60s Elderkale
70s Florence Marlowe
80s Izzy (@canidayy)
90s Vicky Neville
00s Tea_Dalek
10s funderful_arts
20s Patrex
30s aelizel

DISCLAIMER: Since we made our final donation to Crohns and Colitis UK, money made from sales now will go to offsetting the cost of the next Zine to keep prices down in the face of inflation.